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Nonesuch 543973 (U.S.) / 543973-1 (U.K.)
Robert Plant – vocals, production
The Sensational Space Shifters (as backing band):
Justin Adams – bendirs, djembe, guitars, tehardant, background vocals
Liam "Skin" Tyson – banjo, guitar, background vocals
John Baggott – keyboards, loops, moog bass, piano, tabla, background vocals
Juldeh Camara – kologo, ritti, Fulani vocals
Billy Fuller – bass, drum programming, omnichord, upright bass
Dave Smith – drum set
Julie Murphy – vocals on "Embrace Another Fall"
Nicola Powell – background vocals on "Poor Howard"

1. Little Maggie 5:06 (Traditional, arranged by Robert Plant, Justin Adams, John Baggott, Billy Fuller, Dave Smith, Lian "Skin" Tyson)
2. Rainbow 4:18 (Plant/Adams/Baggott/Fuller/Tyson)
3. Pocketful of Golden 4:12 (Plant/Adams/Baggott/Juldeh Camara/Fuller/Smith/Tyson)
4. Embrace Another Fall 5:52 (Plant/Adams/Baggott/Camara/Fuller/Smith/Tyson)
5. Turn It Up 4:06 (Plant/Adams/Baggott/Fuller/Smith/Tyson)
6. A Stolen Kiss 5:15 (Plant/Adams/Baggott/Fuller/Tyson)
7. Somebody There 4:32 (Plant/Adams/Baggott/Fuller/Smith/Tyson)
8. Poor Howard 4:13 (Plant/Adams/Baggott/Camara/Fuller/Smith/Tyson)
9. House of Love 5:07 (Plant/Adams/Baggott/Fuller/Smith/Tyson)
10. Up on the Hollow Hill (Understanding Arthur) 4:35 (Plant/Adams/Baggott/Fuller/Tyson)
11. Arbaden (Maggie's Babby) 2:44 (Plant/Adams/Baggott/Camara/Fuller/Smith/Tyson)

Length: 49:30

All tracks recorded at Helium Studios, Wiltshire and Real World Studios, Bath
Except "Rainbow", recorded by Tim Holmes at Contino Rooms, London
Piano on "A Stolen Kiss" recorded at St. George's Chapel, Bristol

Tim Oliver – recording, mixing
Tim Holmes – recording
Tchad Blake – mixing
Bob Ludwig – mastering
Brett Kilroe and Geoffrey Hanson – art direction

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