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Lucifer Rising (And Other Sound Tracks) LUCIFER RISING (AND OTHER SOUND TRACKS) JPRLP0002
1. Lucifer Rising - Main Track 20:29 (Page)
"Whilst in India I had acquired a bass tanpura, that provides a majestic drone. I applied a chant, tabla drums, bowed guitar, acoustic twelve string guitar, mellotron and a newly acquired ARP synthesiser that provided the Horns of Jericho. A mix of music was presented to Kenneth Anger and was used on showings of the first third of the film but not in the final cut."

2. Incubus 1:43 (Page)
"This suggests the icy scratches and cutting embrace of the incubus at play."
Instrument: Guitar

3. Damask 2:00 (Page)
>em>"Inspired by my journeys both on foot and through the recordings of the masters. A simple homage to the sarangi."
Instruments: Six string bowed guitar

4. Unharmonics 2:04 (Page)
"With the harmonics and demonstrative bowed glissandos the naked solo guitar moves cautiously through a sonic landscape."
Instruments: Six string guitar, bowed guitar

5. Damask - Ambient 2:02 (Page)
"Damask Mix II returns from the original recording with a more dense, heavily perfumed ambience."
Instrument: Six string bowed guitar

6. Lucifer Rising - Percussive Return 3:21 (Page)

"The main title with a surprise visitor. I had forgotten about a percussive overdub courtesy of the ARP Odyssey synthesiser."
Instruments: Phased chants, ARP synthesiser, mellotron, twelve string guitar, tabla Kevin Shirley: Producer/Mixer

Jimmy Page: Engineer/Instrumentation/Producer
Tex Higgins: Art Direction
Drew Griffiths: Mixer
John Davis: Mastering

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