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Mean Business
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This album is a driving, pounding sound delivery and more studio laid out than previous Rogers orchestrations. There is less of past English blues that Rogers brought to Free and more fast paced rock than bad Company would follow with. With Mean Business' The Firm showcases the some of the vast range of Paul Rogers' vocals. Jimmy Page's standard strong guitar explodes around the bass riffs of as is the case. I like it. If you listen to Bad Company, The Law or Queen you will know Rogers is the most accomplished Vocal Rock voice in the decades he first showed up on the British scene in the late 60s. Jimmy Page's guitar is some of the best played during the last 40 years. Both from supergroups of their making are the standard all others try to rise to.

It's not as cohesive as their debut and the songwriting isn't quite as strong, but the musicianship is unsurprisingly great and Rodgers' voice is as powerful as it's ever been. The strongest tracks are Live In Peace (which was originally featured on Rodgers' debut solo album), album opener Fortune Hunter (which was based on a riff Page first attempted in 1981 for the aborted XYZ project with the Yes rhythm section of Chris Squire & Alan White), the #1 Mainstream Rock hit All The Kings Horses and the gospel-flavored Spirit Of Love.

Feb. 3, 1986

Chart Position:
#22 (US) #46 (UK)



1. Fortune Hunter
2. Cadillac
3. Allthe King's Horses
4. Live in Peace
5. Tear Down the Walls
6. Dreaming
7. Free to Live
8. Spirit of Love
Quick Fact

The album's title was intended to have a double meaning: that the music business is a hard one, and that the band was serious about its music ('The Firm mean business'). [Citizendium]

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