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Beggars Banquet BEGA 60 / Science Friction HUCD032
Roy Harper: Acoustic guitar and/or electric guitar, vocals, percussion, producer
Jimmy Page: Acoustic guitar and/or electric guitar
Nick Harper: Semi-acoustic guitar
Tony Franklin: Bass guitar
Nik Green: Keyboards, Mixing desk
Ronnie Brambles: Drums
Steve Broughton: Drums
Preston Heyman: Drums
Michael Scott: Photography
Haunted Fox: Sleeve notes
Koala Bear: Sleeve notes, design, artwork

1. Nineteen Forty-Eightish 9:45 (Harper)
2. Bad Speech 1:17 (Harper)
3. Hope 4:31 (Harper/Gilmour)
4. Hangman 7:09 (Harper)
5. Elizabeth 6:39 (Harper)
6. Frozen Moment 3:18 (Harper)
7. Twentieth Century Man 4:27 (Harper)
8. Advertisement (Another Intentional Irrelevant Suicide) 8:19 (Harper)

Length: 45:25

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