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"Tight But Loose" Issue 36 out now!

TBL 36 out now!

Tight But Loose issue 36 out now!

The new issue of the long running Led Zeppelin magazine Tight But Loose - edited and published by Dave Lewis, is out now
Here's the line-up for this issue...

Led Zeppelin 1973 - Jubilant in July:
Mike Tremaglio tracks gig by gig, the highly acclaimed second leg of the massively successful US tour of spring 1973. This is the moment Led Zeppelin ceased to be a mere rock band and ascended into a global phenomenon. The set lists, the reviews, the ads, the whole story.

Led Zeppelin early 1975:
In a new TBL series analysis, Andy Crofts listens intensely to the tapes and argues the case that in early 1975, Led Zeppelin were not so sick again...

Robert Plant: Space Shifting in the US and UK:
Robert Plant presents Sensational Space Shifters - round up plus on the spot reports from appearances at Santa Barbara, Bristol and Wolverhampton plus...

Plus exclusive interview with SSS bassist Billy Fuller:
From Sensation to Sensational - Billy Fuller on playing in the band

Charles Shaar Murray: The TBL Interview:
Dave Lewis meets with the legendary rock writer who was twice advised by Robert Plant to keep taking the pills...and listens in to vast outpouring of wit and wisdom on the subject of Led Zep and a whole lot more...

Knebworth book preview: Then as it really was...revised edition preview:
Dave Lewis unfolds the story of the making of the new and revised updated book about the events of and English summer in 1979...

Paul Rees on writing the new Robert Plant biography:
The former Q and Kerrang editor talks about the writing of his new Robert Plant biography A Life

Nick Anderson Collector's Column:
Resident TBL Zep collector expert Nick Anderson looks at the latest rarities and curios plus a round up of the latest eBay in demand auction items.

Jeff Strawman Instrument Watch:
The renowned Zep gear expert provides the low down on the eight string basses used by John Paul Jones.

Plus: Led Zep Re-issue latest/Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones news, The Song Remains The Same US premiere remembered, CD reviews and more.

If you are new to the TBL magazine - this is the perfect issue to find out what it's all about because if you love Led will love this magazine...

Here's some TBL magazine recommendations from satisfied readers:

"I'm an avid reader of Mojo, Q, Uncut, Record Collector and Rolling Stone, but my subscription to the Led Zeppelin Tight But Loose is far and away the best value for money." Michael Rae, Victoria Australia.

"TBL is a great balance of serious in depth analysis and handy sized chunks to keep you fully up to date of what's going on in the Zep world. If you are a Zep fan there really is no excuse not to get subscribed!" Richard Grubb, Cardiff, Wales.

"Dave Lewis consistently provides interesting and highly entertaining commentary and photographs in every issue. If you're a Zep fan and haven't subscribed yet, don't wait another day." Bill McCue, USA.

"Without Dave Lewis, so much Zep folklore would be scattered - his infectious enthusiasm makes us all become the young Zeppelin fans we used to be once again!" Kevin Hewick, Leicester, UK.

How To Order:
You can order the single issue TBL 36 at this link:

Or you can sign up for the 3 issue TBL subscription to receive TBL 35 and 36 immediately with TBL 37 to follow - Every subscriber receives a free 10×8 individually numbered print of a unique Led Zeppelin image - a group shot on stage in Kezar Stadium taken by Dan Cuny - perfect for framing!


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This Month in
Led Zeppelin History

February 7, 1962 - Deborah Bonham, sister to John, was born in Redditch, Worcestershire, England
February 23, 1966 - Warren Grant, son of Peter, was born.
February xx, 1969 - Led Zeppelin enters the Billboard Top 40
February 16, 1969 - Led Zeppelin wrap up their first American tour in Baltimore, MD.
February 07, 1970 - Edinburgh gig cancelled after Plant receives facial injuries in a car accident
February 28, 1970 - The band performs as "The Nobs" in Copenhagen after threat of legal action from Countess Von Zeppelin
February xx, 1971 - John Paul Jones involved in legal issues regarding a musician who shares the same name
February xx, 1971 - Overdubs for the fourth album are recorded at Island Studios
February 14, 1972 - The band is refused admission into Singapore due to their long hair
February 16, 1972 - The Australian tour begins in Perth
February 21, 1972 - Led Zeppelin: Rock and Roll b/w Four Sticks (Atlantic 45-2865) 45 single is released in the US.
February xx, 1973 - The band makes final preparations for the European tour
February 16, 1973 - The release date for Houses Of The Holy is pushed back due to some sleeve problems
February xx, 1974 - Sessions for Physical Graffiti continue
February 14, 1974 - Page, Plant and Bonham attend a Roy Harper concert
February 04, 1975 - Zeppelin perform a last minute show at Nassau Coliseum to accomodate fans after being banned in Boston
February 24, 1975 - Physical Graffiti finally issued worldwide to phenomenal sales
February xx, 1976 - Media reports that Zeppelin are due to release an album entitled Obelisk
February xx, 1977 - Robert contracts a bout of tonsillitis postponing the American tour
February xx, 1978 - Robert Plant helps produce a record for punk band Dansette Damage
February 16, 1978 - The cases against Bonham, Cole & Grant stemming from the Oakland incident are heard and all receive suspended prison sentences and fines
February xx, 1979 - Although absent from the US stage or market, Led Zeppelin rank best in many music magazine categories
February xx, 1979 - Mixing sessions for In Through The Out Door take place at Polar Studios. Rumors fly of a European tour
February 03, 1980 - Robert joins Dave Edmund’s Rockpile at the Birmingham Top Rank
February 13, 2005 - Led Zeppelin receives a Grammy for Lifetime Achievment.
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