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Tonight I attended "The Japan Gold Disc Award 2004" where Jimmy Page appeared to receive an award of the "Music Video of the Year" for the large sales in Japan of the official DVD set "Led Zeppelin."

The Award was held at the NHK Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo March 10. Various awards were provided by the Japan Record Association to a number of artists, both Japanese and foreign, based solely on the net sales of all of the musical works released in Japan during the year 2003. Led Zeppelin was awarded together with Beatles for the sales of TheBeatles Anthology. Jimmy came all the way to Japan to receive the award on behalf of the band.

More than an hour after the ceremony started, introduced by Tomoyasu Hotei, a Japanese famous rock guitarist and singer, Jimmy appeared on the stage. Jimmy, rather simply dressed in a black jacket and black trousers, looked dandy and healthy. His hair was a bit longer and he seemed to have lost some weight than the time I had seen him last year at the instore talk show held at Yamano Music, Ginza.

Many of the audience, especially younger generations, who mainly came to see Japanese pop stars did not seem to well know who Jimmy Page was. Sensing this, I conspicuously waved from where I sat. To my surprise and great joy, Jimmy, responded and waved back! (I think he was relieved to find at least one of his fans at the Hall.) Unlike other artists, Jimmy did not perform any music but politely greeted with the audience and thanked everyone for the presentation of the award. Naturally, he was treated by the announcers as the main guest throughout the ceremony. At the end, all of the awarded artists lined up on the stage - at first, Jimmy was not there. However, he was finally brought up by Junko Kubo, the lady announcer, to the center of the stage. Being asked to say some final words to the audience, Jimmy just briefly said a shy thank you and goodbye.

The Award was scheduled to be aired by NHK in its BS-2 channel. It will be rebroadcast by NHK on March 12 in its "high-vision" channel and March 13 in its main ground channel. From Takemi Hiramatsu

Jimmy Page at the Japan Golden Disc Award 2004 Jimmy Page at the Japan Golden Disc Award 2004 Jimmy Page at the Japan Golden Disc Award 2004



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