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Tight But Loose Issue 35 Press Release

35 at 35: Tight But Loose... not just a magazine... more a lasting Led Zep collectable

TBL 35 Cover

Now in its 35th year, the new issue of the long running Led Zeppelin magazine issue 35, is out now and commences the 2013 TBL subscription...

...and now there's even more reasons to subscribe ...

Every subscriber will receive an exclusive bonus free 10 x 8 photo of Led Zeppelin at Kezar Stadium taken by Dan Cuny. This print is individually numbered and perfect for framing.

Every copy of the TBL magazine is also individually numbered and signed by TBL editor Dave Lewis - making even more of a sort after Led Zep collectable.

The Tight But Loose magazine offers a 32-page physical tangible compendium of Zep related news and features.

In a world of here today, gone tomorrow instantly digested internet driven info, Tight But Loose is a lasting collectable to be consumed your leisure, building a physical snapshot of the world of Led Zeppelin. Websites are for browsing - Tight But Loose is for reading... time and time again.

Here's the line up of essential Zep reading in TBL 35:

Led Zeppelin 1973: On fire in Europe and bigger than ever in America:

Mike Tremaglio tracks gig by gig, the highly acclaimed European tour and the first leg of the massively successful US tour of spring 1973. This is the moment Led Zeppelin ceased to be a mere rock band and ascended into a global phenomenon. The set lists, the reviews, the ads, the whole story.

Plus Kezar Stadium '73 - I Was There:

Four Bay Area rock fans offer first hand accounts in words and pictures of that memorable open air show at Kezar Stadium San Francisco in June 1973.

Aubrey Powell - Creating the Art Of Led Zeppelin: The TBL Interview:

In the first part of an exclusive TBL interview, Aubrey Powell aka Po of the Hipgnosis design team explains how, along with partner Storm Thorgerson, he created the art of Led Zeppelin with the memorable album sleeve design for Houses Of The Holy.

Led Zeppelin - The Dick Barnatt 1968 Photo Shoot: TBL Investigates

The image of the young Led Zep stood beside a Jaguar car has been a lasting one - TBL investigates when, where and why this took place and goes back to the location with Dick Barnatt, the original press photographer responsible for the session.

That 'On The Wane' Comment - Chris Charlesworth replies:

Former Melody Maker journalist Chris Charlesworth reflects back to that famous 'on the wane' comment used in the Zep UK tour adverts and the Montreux concerts he attended in 1972.

Neal Preston - Digital Graffiti:

The renowned US Zep tour photographer on the making of his new digital book Sound And Fury

Robert Plant -Space Shifting Down Under - with Patty Griffin at Rough Trade East:

Robert Plant presents Sensational Space Shifters - Down Under tour round up - plus on the spot report of his appearance with Patty Griffin at Rough Trade East

Let Me Take You to the Movies:

Part 2 of Alec Plowman's overview of Zep's visual history that led to the celluloid success of Celebration Day.

Nick Anderson Collector's Column:

First of a regular column by resident TBL Zep collector expert Nick Anderson which looks at the recent Celebration Day promos and rarities along with the latest Zep e-Bay in demand items up for auction.

Jeff Strawman Instrument Watch:

The renowned Zep gear expert provides the low down on the Jimmy Page Transperformance Gibson Les Paul

Plus: Led Zep Re-issue latest/Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones at the ECHO Awards/Deborah Bonham Stables gig review, latest news and more.

You can subscribe to the TBL magazines at this link:


Also available while stocks last...

The TBL 35 Limited Alternate Collector's Cover Edition:

To further celebrate the launch of TBL 35, there is also a special strictly limited alternate cover collector's edition of issue 35.

The TBL 35 Alternate Collector's cover compliments the standard Jimmy Page cover issue which subscribers will receive automatically.

The TBL 35 Alternate Collector's cover showcases another of Dan Cuny's superb Kezar Stadium 1973 photos - this time featuring a central colour shot of Robert Plant with John Paul Jones and John Bonham in view.

This version of TBL 35 is available in an individually numbered and signed by the editor run of just 300 copies.

This is a fantastic genuine TBL collector's item - note the content inside is the same as the standard issue - the exclusivity is in the limited alternate cover.

Keen TBL completest collectors have the opportunity to invest in both the TBL 35 Kezar Stadium covers to complete a coveted set.

This is sure to become a much sought after collector's item - so hurry and order now - orders will be allocated the lowest numbers as received.

You can order the TBL 35 Limited Alternate Cover Collector's Edition at this link:


Now it's 35th year, the Tight But Loose magazine continues to offer physical Led Zeppelin collectable content and presents unique essential Led Zeppelin reading...combined with that old fashioned thrill of actually waiting for something...and knowing when that package lands on your doorstep - the waiting will be worthwhile.

Led Zeppelin...not just a band...more a way of life...

Tight But Loose... not just a magazine... more a lasting collectable


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This Month in
Led Zeppelin History

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January 09, 1944 - James Patrick Page was born in Heston, Middlesex
January 03, 1946 - John Baldwin was born in Sidcup, Kent
January 02, 1946 - Led Zeppelin Tour Manager Richard Cole was born in Kensal Rise, London, England
January 05, 1967 - Jimmy Page begins recording Little Games with The Yardbirds at De Lane Lea Studios in London.
January 17, 1969 - Led Zeppelin released in the US
January xx, 1970 - Led Zeppelin now play without support acts in order to perform longer sets
January 09, 1970 - Royal Albert Hall gig filmed and recorded for documentary that is eventually scraped. (But was recalled for 2003’s DVD)
January xx, 1971 - Recording continues at Headley Grange
January xx, 1972 - Page has a studio built into his home
January 02, 1973 - Plant’s car breaks down and Bonham and he barely make the Sheffield City Hall gig
January 22, 1973 - Led Zeppelin record a live gig at Southampton University
January xx, 1974 - Recording Physical Graffiti at Headley Grange
January xx, 1974 - The band resigns with Atlantic and forms their own label
January 03, 1975 - Jimmy breaks a finger at Victoria Station just a week before the European warm up shows
January 17, 1975 - The band rehearses in Minneapolis for the upcoming US tour. Bootleg "Johnny Kidd And The Pirates" evolves out of this rehearsal
January xx, 1976 - Jimmy contemplates the release of The Song Remains The Same film but, continues work on the soundtrack
January 01, 1976 - In Paris, Robert takes his first unaided steps since his car accident
January xx, 1977 - Rehearsals for US tour take place at Manticore Studios in Fulham
January 24, 1977 - Bonham and Plant watch The Damned perform at the Roxy in London
January xx, 1978 - Media still claims Led Zeppelin have broke up
January 21, 1979 - Robert Plant is now proud father to son Logan Romero
January xx, 1980 - Zeppelin donate Candy Store Rock to a benefit album to benefit children
January 31, 1995 - Jimmy Page escaped being knifed when a fan rushed the stage at a Page and Plant gig at Auburn Hills, Michigan. The fan was stopped by two security guards, who he knifed instead. After his arrest, he told police that he wanted to kill Jimmy Page because of the Satanic music he was playing.
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