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With a lack of decent new music, the music buyers are rocking to the oldies. On the Australian chart this week, Led Zeppelin's 1972 album sold more than The Veronicas first album.

Old albums by Cat Stevens, Billy Joel and Cold Chisel did better than new albums Fiest, Fergie and OneRepublic.

The artists at the top of the chart get all of the headlines but when you look past the Top 50 mark, it is obvious that it isn't the kids going into stores, it 30+ adults.

Between 50 and 60 this week, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, and kd lang sit alongside The Herd, The Music and Jason Mraz.

The Forest Gump Soundtrack, released in 1994, sold more than the most recent Panic At The Disco album.

Heritage artists selling out of stores last week in considerable numbers included Roy Orbison, Rod Stewart, Crowded House, Alanis Morissette, Garth Brooks, Madonna, Beach Boys and Mariah Carey.

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