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Robert Plant, ca. 1975
General Specs
Years in use: 1963-Present
Robert Plant was originally at the mercy of the venue that he performed, using microphones of different qualities. He even sang through two microphones.

A February 1971 article in the Sounds paper listed Robert Plant as using Shure Unidyne IV 548SD Microphones. He was seen using the Unidynes through the 1975 Tour.

In 1973, Plant endorsed Shure Unisphere I (precessor of the SM58) and was seen singing through it on the 1973 US Tour.

On the 1977 US Tour, Robert Plant used a Shure SM58 microphone. It was later auctioned at .


Robert Plant, ca. 1975
Shure Promotional Literature
Shure Unidyne IV 548SD Microphone
March 1974 Circus Magazine Advertisement
Shure SM58 Microphone, signed and used by Robert Plant
Robert Plant, ca. 1977

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