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Mellotron Mark V
Jimmy Page's Mellotron Mark V
General Specs
Keys: (2) 35-key keyboards
Voices: Recorded on 3/8" tapes, most common voices were Flute, Violins and Cello
Amplification: None
Controls: Left Track Selector, Left Volume, Left Tone, Left Reverb, Left Pan, Pitch, Right Pan, Right Reverb, Right Tone, Right Volume, Right Track Selector, Stereo Headphone Jack, On/Off Power Rocker Switch
Retail Price: $3559 US
Quantity Manufactured: Approx. 28
Dimensions: 52"W x 35-1/4"H x 26"D
Weight: 300 lbs.
Years Used: 1977
The Mellotron Mark V featured two completely independent 2-3/4 octave keyboards, two independent output channel for each keyboard, full stereophonic reverberation, panning facilities on both keyboards, single capstan drive for both keyboards, Type SN52 (Servo motor system) giving stable pitch over a wide range of temperatures and voltages pitch variations if desired, dual volume pedal control, stereophonic headphone jack output.

For the 1977 tour, John Paul Jones played Jimmy Page's Mark V Mellotron. It was wide and black, and allowed twice as many sounds inside. Having two keyboards also allowed greater performance options since two sounds could be played simultaneously. Unfortunately, the Mark V was no more reliable than the Mellotron M400, and it was replaced with Yamaha GX1 Synth on the 1979 Knebworth dates.


Mellotron Mark V
Led Zeppelin, April 10, 1977, Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois
Mellotron Mark V  

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