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Manson Bass Pedal Steel
John Paul Jones, November 09, 1999, Prime Club, Köln, Germany
General Specs
Body: Solid hardwood body, aluminum frame
Finish: Gold sparkle
Bridge: 10 individual cam-action bridge sections
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 30
Strings: 10
Hardware: Chrome
Pickups: Single coil, 12 pole pieces
Controls: Master Volume and Master Tone knobs, Hipshot three-position levers for tuning
Years in use: 1999-2000
Website: http://www.manson
Hugh Manson built this Dual 10 String Bass Pedal Steel for John Paul Jones. He has used it in studio and on stage for Steel Away, Nobody's Fault But Mine and Black Dog on his Zooma and The Thunderthief tours. The necks are tuned in Open A and Open E. John Paul Jones' triquetra sigil has been incorporated into the end frames.


Manson Bass Pedal Steel
John Paul Jones, October 29, 1999, House Of Blues, Los Angeles, California
Manson Bass Pedal Steel
John Paul Jones, March 20, 2000, Roxy Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia
Manson Bass Pedal Steel
John Paul Jones, March 30, 2000, Daytona's, Riveria Beach, Maryland

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