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Manson Baritone Ukulele
General Specs
Body: Flamed Koa
Finish: Matte
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Brazilian Rosewood, with dot inlays
Frets: 19
Headstock: Brazilian Rosewood vaneer
Tuners: White
Bridge: Brazilian Rosewood
Pickguard: None
Years in use: ???
Website: http://www.andy
Andy Manson built this Baritone Ukulele for John Paul Jones in 2002.

For the next album, Andy just made me a baritone ukulele. I was looking on some website for ukulele strings and it said they carried baritone ukulele strings. I wondered what that was. I did a web search and I found a store selling baritone ukuleles, and I bought one.

It was the first instrument I ever bought on the internet – a Chinese baritone ukulele, which was terrible. It was just barely in tune up to the fourth fret, but was only about $75 and at least I could try it out to get a better idea of the instrument’s sound and range.

So I asked Andy to build a real one. He did some research and he managed to find a piece of koa, which is the traditional Hawaiian wood that is used for these instruments and made me this beautiful baritone ukulele. It’s kind of like an acoustic guitar except that the body is smaller, so it speaks very fast and it’s only got four strings.
- John Paul Jones, Vintage Guitar, August 2002


Manson Baritone Ukulele Manson Baritone Ukulele Manson Baritone Ukulele
Manson Baritone Ukulele    

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