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Not many people can successfully play a guitar with a violin bow. But Jimmy Page has mastered this obscure art. The bow featured here was used by Page on April 20th of 1977. It was the second show at the Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati. After the show, Page’s guitar technician gave the bow to Steve Jander, the laser light engineer.

This bow is an amazing piece of rock’ n’ roll history as very few violin bows have ever been used in modern concerts. Technically, it's in remarkable condition for surviving a rock concert. Several strands of the hair frayed during the performance and have been left as they were. The extreme tip of the stick has a very small blemish that does not compromise the overall appearance or performance of the bow. The frog and pad are both in superb condition, showing just a small amount of wear form the concert. Overall, the bow is in serviceable, working condition.

Accompanying the bow is a 1977 Led Zeppelin North American Tour publication. It's a pictorial and is in NM condition. Within this booklet is a photo of Page using a violin bow with his guitar. Also accompanying the bow is a letter of provenance from Steve Jander. (Steve was employed by Showco Inc. as the director of the laser special effects department.) He received the bow from Page’s guitar technician, Raymund Thomas, after the concert.

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