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Binson Ecrorec 2
General Specs
Features: Front Panel: Input Control, Length Of Swell, Echo Volume, Echo Tone, Reverb/Repeat, 12-position head selector, (3) Channel Selector, Level Indicator - Right Side Panel: (3) Input Jacks, (3) Output Jacks - Left Side Panel: Footswitch Jack, Echo Output Jack
Tubes: 6 x 12AX7
Years in use: ca. May 1971
Produced in Milan, Italy, the Binsons had its peak in the 1960s. They were unique in their construction, utilizing a specially designed steel/alloy disc or drum, which carried a durable flat metal 'tape'. The drum was driven by a powerful AC motor, in most cases, via a rubber jockey wheel, which kept the transport very stable. Record and playback heads were arranged around the drum periphery. The Echorec 2 was manufactured by Binson between 1961 and 1979.

Seen on-stage in ca. May 1971.

Engineer Andy Johns said that the Echorec 2 was used in recording the drum sound on When The Levee Breaks.

Another thing we used was the old Binson Echorec. Listen to "When the Levee Breaks". That was me putting two (Beyer) M160's on the second floor with no other microphones at all because I wanted to get John Bonham the way he actually sounded, and it worked. Page would say that he made me do it but he was down at the pub, but he did bring me his Binson Echorec for the track. - Andy Johns


Binson Echorec 2
Jimmy Page, May 03, 1971, KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Binson Echorec 2

Resources and Information:
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