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What do you get when you put the legendary guitarists Jimmy Page, U2's The Edge, and the White Stripes' Jack White on screen together? An unbelievable Christmas gift that would please any rock fan for years over.

However, the documentary film, It Might Get Loud, directed by An Inconvenient Truth's Academy Award winning director, Davis Guggenheim, is far more than just a jam-session. It truly gives you an inside look at each of these legendary musicians and their take on the electric guitar.

But despite Page, The Edge, and White's great respect for Davis' work, there was some slight hesitation on their part, about what the project would be like and what would come of it.

"I was obviously aware of Davis' work prior to this. And I must say, the way that Davis presented this to me was quite unique, because you know my forte is actually playing music. I am more at home playing on live stage than any other place," said Page.

"I guess like Jimmy I were a little uncertain how it would work if you had musicians talking about their music," added The Edge.

"I thought to myself well this could be interesting if he happens to catch us on a good day or it could be incredibly boring and just so dull and something could go horribly wrong, and so we did the interview and at the end of the interview, I just thought, I get where he's coming from he's on to something here so, I said I am in!"

The Edge praised the film as more than just about the electric guitar, but also about the journey a musician takes.

"I think what he done is made a film everyone will find entertaining and will find interesting because he has made it not about just the technical part of guitar playing, not about the music, but the personal journeys that have brought the three of us through to the point we are now and doing what we do."

The documentary, which premiered at this year's Toronto Film Festival, was an idea born from producer Thomas Tull, a producer for the critically acclaimed Batman film, Dark Knight.

Tull a long time guitarist, spoke with Guggeinheim about a more original take on the electric guitar, focusing on its attributes as a musical instrument from the perspectives of several of the great guitarists.

"I have always wondered: what is it about this instrument more than any other that I think captures people's imagination, and why when you pick up this instrument does it just feel right... and nothing I had ever seen really felt like, 'yeah, that's why you pick this up and why take that journey.'" Once Page, The Edge and White had signed up, Guggenheim went to work, learning from his experience on An Inconvenient Truth to first conduct audio rather than video interviews, to develop a narrative for each guitarist.

"The first interview with Jimmy, I flew to London, we sat in a hotel and we talked for 3 hours. Just audio, no cameras. And the next day we talked for 3 hours. I had no notes, no pre-disposition. And so whatever comes out of those interviews would be his story. Same thing with Jack, we might meet him in LA. With Edge, it was Burbank one day and then London the next, and I took those audio interviews home, cut them as stories, put them up on the wall and said, ok now I am ready to shoot."

"This process allowed me to figure out, now I know where these stories are going," added Guggenheim.

U2's The Edge praised the film, and touched on what has kept U2 around decade after decade. He cites overcoming the difficulty and fear of starting a fresh slate to record a new album.

"We fail most of the time, actually, and we got used to going in on any given day and coming out with nothing that is of any interest or value to us. But sometimes you just come along, and for whatever that we can't figure out, you hit on something new and something new fresh you get something great."

"We live for those moments"

The Edge cited Nick Singer from the Yah Ya's and the Secret Machines as a couple of exceptional new electric guitarists and musicians in the mainstream.

It Might Get Loud Debuts at TIFF It Might Get Loud Debuts at TIFF It Might Get Loud Debuts at TIFF
It Might Get Loud Debuts at TIFF It Might Get Loud Debuts at TIFF It Might Get Loud Debuts at TIFF



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